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 Pilot's license course conditions

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  1. Israeli citizenship

  2. Normal medical condition

  3. No criminal record

  4. Knowledge of the Hebrew language

A theory test at CAAI (Civil Aviation Authority of Israel)

Pilot's license certificate require At all levels a theory test at the CAAI with minimum score of 70. The test includes questions in several areas: meteorology, pilot law and regulations, technical knowledge of drones and publication of aviation information.

How you can study for the theory test with us?

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Six Zoom sessions With the main instructor, in each two-hour session one of the four main topics is explored in depth; Meteorology, technical knowledge, PMT and pilot law. The fifth meeting includes rehearsal and preparation for the test including insights and lessons learned from the last tests. The sixth meeting is mission planning that brings to light the application of theory into a actual mission in your arena. 

A unique and exclusively updated question generator, in addition to the zoom classes, we allow everyone to use a personal and regular question generator that includes practice of over 500 questions. The instructors, through the generator management website, can visit and see the level of each learner and strengthen the weaknesses in the studied material.




Additional instructional tools - With us you will receive in addition videos, presentations, podcasts, recorded lessons and more for self-learning at home, on the go or wherever you choose, so if you prefer to study alone - you will succeed. 

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First time success

Updated 12.02.24

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Pilot courses

Course up to 4 kg

Theory course

practical: Six hours of flight, including a night flight

          Two days practice in the field

          Apprenticeship one on one

          performed on PHANTOM PRO 4V

Drone pilot's license up to 4 kg


Course up to 25 kg

Theory course

practical:Ten hours of flying, including night flying

          Five days of practice

          Apprenticeship one on one

          performed on MATRIX 300

Drone pilot's license up to 25 kg


2690 NIS 

5500 NIS 

DJI Matrice 300 RTK Drone.png

Drone pilot's license 25 kg to 2 tons


Theory course

practical: fifteen hours of flying, including night flying

          Five days of practice

          Apprenticeship one on one

          performed on AGRAS T20

License to pilot a drone up to 2 tons


11,500 NIS

Theory course

practical: seventeen hours of flying, including night flying

          Ten days of practice

          Apprenticeship one on one

          performed on AGRAS T20

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Air spray course

Air sprayer - Ministry of Agriculture spray certificate

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The world of spraying using drones in agriculture is growing and taking a significant place with the introduction of commercial drones capable of spraying hundreds of hectare a day.


SMART company sprays tens of thousands of hectare in agriculture and by that we train air sprayer pilots for the our company and many agricultural farms, all of that is in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Environment.


Air sprayer course 

The course consists of two stages:

Theory - three theoretical days that include; Principles and application of spraying materials, safety, environmental quality and application in spraying drones from mission planning through mapping to the principles of execution.


Practical - Two days that include planning, mapping and going out into the field with spraying drones and carrying out practice in the field as a team (pilot and assistant). 

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